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Don Preston

In a message dated 97-06-30 02:22:16 EDT, you write:

>Attention folks!  My friends, Oil Junkys, use an array of equipment,
>including an ancient Echoplex, to produce their music, which could be
>classified as electronic in some circles.
>Tuesday, July 1, 8pm, they're playing with Don Preston (one of the 
>Mothers, also played with Coltrane) at Lumpy Gravy here in LA.

Don played with Coltrane?  I know back when he was growing up in Detroit he
played bass with Elvin Jones for awhile.  Some of his more significant gigs
since leaving Zappa are Carla Bley, Gil Evans, John Carter/Bobby Bradford,
Jack Bruce and Mike Mantler.

I am playing duo with Don at Lumpy Gravy on Tuesday July 15.  We will be
doing some of the more out-jazz Mothers tunes (such as The Eric Dolphy
Memorial Barbeque), some Carla Bley, Bobby Bradford, as well as many Don
originals.  Don't know how much looping will be involved, but I'm toting
along the Vortex amongst other goodies and we usually do some free playing
that's more textural than jazz per se.

>The club is located at 7311 Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles.  It is right
>next door to the Art Store and across the street from El Coyote.  There is
>valet parking in back (or at least there was last time I went).  Call 
>934-9400 for more information.  The bistro has dinner service and now has 
>liquor license.  (Pretty fine too!)  

There is still valet parking available.

Ken R