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re:Re: vortex patches(volunteer)

In a message dated 16/06/97  1:35:27, you write:

 > If one of you vortex nuts wants to make a page full of patches with
 > desciptions (or even audio files) for the Looper's Delight web site, by
 > means do so! I think a lot of people would be interested in that.
 Very interested!!!
 Michael Peters    >>
As it happens I'm working on one at the moment. To 
include pages where patches & morphs can be 
submitted, and added to a list automatically.
Also a list of things that aren't clear in the manual &
One inaccuracy in the manual.
A graphic so that we can print out a sheet
with all the configuration diagrams on it ( anyone
got one).
I'll get it going as soon as other commitments permit.
Any suggestions or input that anyone has would
be much appreciated.

Andy (UK).