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Re: Isorhythm

>>Pitch:   A B C| A  B C| A B  C| A B C|
>>Rhythm:  Q E E  Q| Q E  E Q| Q  E E Q|
>>I am not sure how one would improvise such a structure or how this 
>>to looping on echoplex, jamman and the lot, but it is another example of
>>how looping and repetition can be used in music.
>This sounds EXACTLY like what Eno & Fripp's early looping experiments
>were after. In fact, like damn near everything Eno has done since. Doing
>it live / improvising tho ... Difficult question. I have merely a Jamman,
>the current software doesn't allow it to have multiple loops of different
>lengths. Looking forward to the new updates!!

Having loops of different lengths was one of the Great Leaps Forward in 
my musical and looping experience.  I had an Echoplex, and then I dug out 
my old Digitech 3.7sec delay and put that in the rack.  I could then set 
up a longer loop on the Echoplex, and then build something in the 3.7, 
sometimes locked in, most often not, and let those two loops percolate 
over time.  You can't really sync the two, and although that would be 
nice (and is driving the current direction of expansion in my looping 
rig), there's a lot of territory you can cover with two odd-length, 
non-sync'ed loops.  I'd recommend that everyone have at least two delay 
lines in their setup.  The DOD FX90 or Zoom 508 will give you 4 seconds 
of delay for under $150.