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Durant/La Fosse press

Andre (West) said...."...when I thought, "Say, Jon Durant said his new disc
was reviewed in the SRV issue of _Guitar_ magazine."  Sure enough, there it
was.  A very positive review, as well -- congratulations, Jon!  And it's
good to see that the Alchemy roster is being picked up for in-store

yes, Jon, congrats !! lets spread the word... AND - also a hearty congrats
to Andre' LaFosse- he is listed as being in the very prestigious fourth &
final round of the musician best unsigned band competition-- 

yeah !!! win this one, me namesake looping brother !!! let's shake up the
oligarchy with some REALLY new music..! Congrats & good luck, buena suerte!

I also think this prodigy-driven music "re-revolution" is great 'cos it'll
get some new ears attuned to electronic, loopy otherworldly type sounds.
THis "guitar is dead" nonsense is laughable, though !

another great, recently overlooked CD was Todd Rundgren's (TR-I) "No World
Order" - it's a great, sorta dance -oriented, beat-heavy "electronica?"
affair with tons of great guitar solos and biting social/personal/political
commentary. Sure, at times the occassional rap-vocals don't quite work, but
it's interesting to hear this hybrid of stuff in 1990, by a pretty well
known artist, yet this release was panned and ignored by the same critics
who'll now get out the kneepads for the prodigy-orb chemical tricky 

keep looping and writing, all!

andre east coast

ps - nj area loopers pls e-mail me directly - live
looping/samples/percussion next week at the brighton bar in longbranch/nj
9:45 pm "Jfk's Lsd-Ufo" is my duo. e-mail me !!