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Isorhythmic Variance

In the last one, Travis said:

> Having loops of different lengths was one of the Great Leaps Forward in 
> my musical and looping experience.  

I concur!  I did it by using an old method applied to new tech: Whereas my
digital loop is maximum 7.6 seconds, a sound file engineered to be looped
in addition to the 7.6 loop can be ANY length, within obvious limitations
like disk space.  It's led to some interesting experiments, though I can't
repeat them on the fly as one might with a rack setup.

>You can't really sync the two, and although that would be 
> nice (and is driving the current direction of expansion in my looping 
> rig), there's a lot of territory you can cover with two odd-length, 
> non-sync'ed loops.

Again I have to agree - and, while synching is next-to-impossible on this,
given my 7.6 delay's tendency to decrease its pitch over a long period of
time (a tone lowered 3 steps in about 24 hours in a recent experiment,
infanticible in many respects, but still as a result non-syncable), I'm
forced to just Deal With It.  The result is a quasi-organic pair of
signals, which, when played on top of, gives a nice, deep texture without

Eno said once I think that "the essence of creativity is the process of
working with mistakes", paraphrased.  In this regard it applies well here. 
I wouldn't have worked with the non-synching setup this way otherwise.

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