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What do they hear???

I'm interested to know what non-musicians/non-loopers compare your music
to? Often, especially non-musicians, have no point of reference
to compare looped and/or ambient music to. At gigs, I often have people
come up and say, 'Wow! That sounds a little like Enya' (I forgive them,
'cause they're not exposed to ambient music much..) or even 'It sounds
like modern rennaissance music'..I even heard.."it sounds like folk
opera' (?!?). In any case, it really doesn't matter what we call it-
I'm sure Fripp hates the term 'progressive rock', but thats what Crimson
is called by the press and general public. Its interesting to get
feedback from non-musicians/non-loopers. What has your music been

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