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Re: What do they hear???

If nothing else, I think this argument shows that even _we_, by and large,
don't know what kind of music we play - and then get upset when other
people don't know either!!  I think - being honest - that this group has
something of a tendency towards taking itself a bit too seriously.  That's
not to say that making music isn't a deep and serious event.  Perhaps what
I'm saying is that sometimes there's an intellectual snobbery around here.

Most people seem deeply offended by an association with New Age.  However,
I think that whilst there's an awful lot of crap under that banner it often
extends to people like Mike Oldfield and Vangelis (musicians I have the
utmost respect for).  Olfield has also been called "Art Rock", "Progressive
Rock" and "Contemporary Classical".  It probably isn't any of these, but
who cares?  He doesn't.  Most people don't.  We're never as unique as we
think we are, and pushing the boundaries is only likely to be noticed by
someone who knows what those boundaries are, dreamed of breaking them and
hasn't had a bad day at the office.  If people say I'm playing New Age, and
it keeps 'em happy, fine.  It doesn't change the music in any way.

I think the only time this becomes a problem is when we're trying to get
gigs or put CDs in bins (the latter being a problem for very few).  As
regards gigs, I'd say just be pragmatic and say whatever's most likely to
get the gig.  Ditto the record bins, just put the CD where it'll sell the
most.  In fact, New Age music buyers are oftem more likely to make impulse
purchaces than people shopping from the Rock/Pop section, hence more sales.

I think maybe this ties in with an old thread about whether we be artists
or entertainers.

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