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Re: Music Descriptions

In a message dated 7/5/97 12:26:42 AM, you wrote:

<<I've actually found Blockbuster Music to be invaluable in this regard --
they'll let you listen to just about any CD in the store (with the
exception of things like Disc 5 of that 20-disc, factory-sealed boxed set,
for example) at a decent listening station, with no obligation to buy. 
The problem is that just about all the employees at the local branch here
now probably know me as "the guy who's always listening to stuff and never
buys it."  Oh well -- not my fault that Best Buy has the stuff for about
30% cheape>>

How can any record store make it if this is the outcome?   Price isn't
everything.  Service ,
imagination, and genuine care for the customer is the only thing that can
distiguish a  small, struggling shop from the megachains.    If someone
employs people to take care of you (ie: load your selections into a player,
rewrap and restock the CD if you don't buy etc.) don't you think they 
the sale?    I'm not keen on Blockbuster.  We have one here in Portland but
I've never warmed up to it.   I basically like to be left alone when I'm
shopping for recordings.  I don't want to have to feel any obligation if 
not finding something interesting.  I get to feeling sort of strange there 
I'm asking to hear a bunch of CD's  and none are  doing it.   Also, I find
their selection very limited and mostly mainstream.  They also are inclined
to play crap real loud while your checking out a soft CD.  It just doesn't
work.  There must be an alternative out there somewhere.