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Re: Unsettling Ambiences

<<- thought sandwich:

- player and  "listener" are SAME person. 

- only boring people can be bored . . . (by anything)

- don't worry . . . play music YOU want to hear . . .
Hearing too much of the music you DON'T want to hear leads to....perhaps 
boredom exactly...irritration? ...are these the same thing?....and the
decision to begin purchasing musical equipment (player and  "listener" SAME
person)...feedback loop...delightful narcissism....greater clarity about
music you want to hear...increased impatience with music you 
downfall of the recorded music industry...growing refusal to leave private
studio, except under duress...increased interest in reactions of other 
to your mad creations....understanding that listening as the creator is
totally different than listening as an audience...player and listener NOT 
same person...feedback loop, or rising spiral?...branching thought path:
listening as a creator to the creations of your peers is totally different
still: is it possible to suspend judgement? Is measuring the "boredom
quotient" a reliable basis for understanding a listening experience? But
aren't the elements that lead to boredom arranged quite differently in each
of these categories: your own "always-in-progress" creations; the musical
creations of friends, however skillful or loved; the rest of the music in 
...back to the headphone feedback loop!