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Re2: CW3 Re: Another newbie question.

Hello dear Loopers,

On  4 Jul 97 at 23:59, Kim Flint wrote:

> >It does handle audio and realtime effects.
> But can it do any of that in real time?
About audio processing, it can, but you need a "good" machine
(Pentium200) to make it work nicely..

> I don't know that I've seen anything on a pc or mac that could do serious
> real-time looping. Lots of software lets you set up loops if you are 
> to sit there patiently pointing and clicking. Not a lot of room for 
> or improvisation, though.
> Especially if you want to create loops live in a performance.
> kim
About MIDI looping:
You can work with loops if you already have them set. Then you can mix and
turn them on and off, etc with a MIXER view wich is very versatile.
As you said, it's still a matter of pointing and clicking (keyboard's 
but you can still can have a good time.
About spontaneity and improvisation, it depends on how much you have set
up to make it loop. The "spontaneity" problem resides in that you cannot 
new material to the one set if it's playing.
Anyway, I think it as one more usefull artistic TOOL.

Good Bye,
Good Luck,

Juan Manuel Aguirre
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