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Re: Re Vortex

Parts Express 1-800-338-0531 sells a double footswitch which from the
picture in the catalog looks exactly like the lexicon thing.  It's


Dpcoffin@aol.com wrote:
> <<*^&*&%&^$&^I)*& excuses that Lexicon dubbed "foot pedals."">>
> Your Vortex will much more fun once you buy a 2nd one of these little
> 2-button lightweights...still avail. from Lex direct for about $30...now 
> can have Tap, A/B, Bypass, and Step all available at your toes, along 
> the indispensible Roland EV-5 CV pedal, of course, about $70 with 
> from AMS. There's simply never been a better FX bang-for-$$  deal than 
> Vortex, despite its storage flaws. True stereo, and that totally unique
> morphing..don't hesitate if you're a sound mangler.
> dpc