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Record stores

     All the talk about record stores got me thinkin.....
     Down here in Austin, TX we have two or three used CD stores that go 
     the name of CD Wharehouse. I'm prettey sure they're a chain, cus when 
     I was in Colorado last summer I remember seeing one. I don't know 
     about their return policy, but you can listen to any CD (ecept for 
     real rare ones and imports) before you buy it. And their prices are 
     pretty good too. Buying used CDs has allowed my collection to grow a 
     lot more than if I had spent $15.00 on new ones all the time. 
        You might think that they only have rather mainstream discs, but 
     they have some pretty obscure stuff sometimes. I think people read 
     about the CDs in magazines and stuff, so they buy em and then they 
     have a listen, and they really think the CDs suck. So they trade em 
     in. Ive gottten some Fripp soundscapes , some modern classical stuff, 
     and seen some Torn and other "ambient?" or "experimental" discs. I 
     also bought some great used cassetes, LPs, and CDs at Half Price 
        BUt when I want to get DMG, CMP, or other strange CDs I am forced 
     to go to a really expensive store (like Waterloo Records, Book 
     Antones Records)  where I can't afford anything. I paid $20.00 for my 
     "Polytown" CD at Barnes and Nobels. It was worth it 
     but..............just too much. Also bands like Chavez, Man...or 
     Astroman? and lots of "experimental" discs I want to check out are 
     only at these stores. So I end up not making the purchase. That sucks.
        I'm sure you all cared, but I just felt like writin some email. 
     Jay or Boris