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Re: Let The Power Fall

In a message dated 7/9/97 4:56:56 AM, you wrote:

<<Frippertronics is defined as that musical experience which results at 
     the (intersection) of Robert Fripp and a small and appropriate level 
     of technology which is my Les Paul, the Fripple board, the Fripp 
     board of fuzz, wah-wah and volume pedals and two Revoxes.  
     Some of the sounds on LTPF sure sound like guitar synth but.....Im 
     sure. >>

I am new here, and still quite naive about looping, but I do know that 
achieved his signature "like a guitar synth" tone during that time by a
combination of a fuzz box (unfortunately, I can't remember which one, but 
is fairly rare) and the neck pickup of his LP with the tone control all the
way down, or nearly so. 

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