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Re: Let The Power Fall...

I railed against Let The Power Fall, to which various people responded:

>Remeber besides the age of this recording (1979), that we're only hearing
>the recorded loop material, NOT the soloing that was an integral part of
>the process. It's a testament to quality of the material that you could 
>>"half" of it and have it still function as a musical piece.

This would make sense, relative to the other performances I'd heard.

Jay (or, perhaps, Boris):
> Frippertronics is defined as that musical experience which results at 
> the (intersection) of Robert Fripp and a small and appropriate level 
> of technology which is my Les Paul, the Fripple board, the Fripp pedal 
> board of fuzz, wah-wah and volume pedals and two Revoxes.  

But there's sufficient tone modification on that board (built by Pete
Cornish btw, and later including a Roland Space Echo) to perform everything
from Larks Tongues through to about Discipline.  Maybe I was hoping for
something a bit more LTIA-ish, I don't know.  He could have turned his fuzz
off, perhaps?  On the other hand, he's the artist, who am I to criticise?

>"I call my music 'rock' because you can play anything and get away with
>calling it 'rock'"

I remember him saying in interview, re KC:  "We come together to create
music.  We call ourselves a band because we get more work that way".  This
was in '69.  He hasn't changed, 'cept he doesn't call himself Bobby

>Torn's CDs are clearly marked "File under Rock" yet they still turn up in
>the Jazz section...

This reminds me of a discussion, years back, on alt.music.progressive. 
Discussion had turned to everything from Holdsworth to Glass and Reich, and
there was a feeling that the group name wasn't appropriate anymore. 
Someone suggested "hey, why not change it to


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