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Re: Loopist --> Venues

> From: Sarajane <sarajane@tmbsbbs.com>

> In response to Chris Chovit's post regarding past venue success,
>  and in particular his inquiry as to what gigs seemed to work best
>  for me: Well... I don't know how one would gauge the relative

My best experience performing loopmusic was last summer during the green
show for Shakespeare In The Park (a local theater company).  The setting
was perfect.....nice cool summer evening, beautiful park, and people from
many different backgrounds (okay...they all like Shakespeare) spread out on
the grass, some eating, some talking, some listening.  I played a variety
of different loop textures...some with melodic lead hooks, others without. 
The response was positive...people clapped and a number approached me after
the show with questions and comments.  "That was so relaxing."  "This
setting is perfect for your music."  "What do you call it?"  "How do you do
that?  "Do you use a keyboard?"  Etc., etc., etc.