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Re: Vortex pedal

A music store today told me that they were getting a continuous control
pedal from Lexicon directly for $30.  Does this is exist or was the music
store guy confused?


On Wed, 9 Jul 1997 17:52:08 -0400 (EDT) SoundFNR@aol.com writes:
>In a message dated 05/07/97  8:31:278:23, you write:
>> As mentioned, the Roland EV5 is a good expression pedal, but for
>>  some reason Roland charge a ridiculous amount of money for them
>>  ( here in the UK , about 75.00pounds ). I recently came across an
>>  Italian company, Promoel ( or Pro-Moel ? ) who make an exp pedal
>>  just like the Ev5, and they cost about 35.00. I bought one for my
>>  Vortex and it works as well as the EV5.
>>  There may be others, best place to check is keyboard/synth 
>>  dealers. 
>Also Bespeco( another bunch of Italians) make the VM 18-L for about 
>the same.
>Includes switch to reverse pedal action & built in lead.
>Vortexes fine.
>Andy (UK)