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Re: Let The Power Fall

In a message dated 7/12/97 1:04:29 PM, you wrote:

Thanks for the good info - Would you happen to know how extensively these
devices were manufactured, and are re-issues still being made by EML, as 
VCS3 still is? 

Was it a megbucks gizmo for back then? Is it now a megabucks antique?

Actually, the company is called EMS (Electronic Music Systems) and is/was 
English company.  They made a few different products, but none in huge
quantities.  I own a Synthi AKS  (not for sale) which was similar to the 
but came in a small kind of plastic suitcase.  It also came with a keyboard
(no moving parts) and a somewhat primitive but useful sequencer.  All this
fit inside the case. These were used by Tangerine Dream  on the early (mid
seventies) records like "Phaedra" and "Rubycon".  Klaus Shulze
used several and still does.  Brian Eno also uses an AKS.  He says they are
the best for creating weird insect noises.  Very true.  You can make some
incredibly weird noises with it.  It's a little harder to play melodicly 
to oscillator drift, but it can be done.  There's lots of tweaking
possibilities.  I never did a real lot with external instruments being run
thru it. This would give you access to the filters and modulation I 
 My AKS unfortunately needs help to put it back to spec.  I believe there 
people that do this,
some associated with EMS,  but I've not been able to get anyone to answer
their phone or return messages.  Not much of a confidence builder. If 
out there has experience with any shops that know how to repair these, let 
know.  EMS  still operates in England.  Mostly, I think they refurbish old
instruments to resell. I don't know prices tho.
In the Keyboard Vintage Synthesizers book, they go into more detail about
 EMS and these synths.  Let's see........they made about 550 VCS3's and 850
AKS's. (according to the book) and used ones seem to fetch anywhere from
$300.00 to $1500.00.

                                        Jim (Portland,OR.)