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Re: Echoplex oddness check: Any volunteers?

>Hi gang --
>I'm experiencing some strangeness with my Echoplex, and am wondering if
>any other users out there could check to see how much of the problem is a
>general Echoplex trait and how much of it is my own unit.
>The problem is this: When notes are faded into or out of silence, I'm
>noticing a grainy digital aliasing-type noise which occurs as the fade-in
>or -out occurs.  If I watch the Input LED, this noise coincides with a
>flickering of that indicator.

If the Input LED is flickering from the noise you are hearing, then the
volume of this noise is far higher than the typical noise floor of an
echoplex. Sounds like you have developed some sort of hardware problem in
the analog input or mix sections. Something might be grounding to the
chassis somehow when it shouldn't, or maybe a broken solder joint, dirty
pot, or something. Probably a decent electronics tech or repair shop could
fix such things for you. Cleaning pots you can do yourself, you should be
able to get the stuff for that at an electronics parts shop. You might as
well have it on hand, because anyone using electronic music gear will need
it eventually.


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