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Hook me up...Please!

<P>A recent buying spree&nbsp; has netted me some long sought after/coveted
gear and&nbsp; I am
<BR>now at my wits end as to how I should connect it all...Suggestions

<P>I am sure there are many of you out there who understand signal paths
way better than I...and I would really appreciate opinions on optimizing
this gear from a looping standpoint...here's what I have...most of it 
<BR><B><U>Echoplex Digital Pro.</U></B>..yes I am the lucky guy who got
the plex posted for sale about a week ago have played with it about a half
hour and find it much easier to understand than the jamman I sold about
6 months ago.
<BR><B><U>Lexicon Vortex</U></B>
<BR><B><U>Lexicon Reflex</U></B>
<BR><B><U>Mackie 1202 </U></B>mixer (the old one..not a VLZ...if that makes
a difference)
<BR><B><U>Roland DR-660</U></B> drum machine
<BR><B><U>Roland GK2A</U></B> midi pickup (I play guitar btw) and 
</U></B>converter going into a
<BR><B><U>Roland M-GS64</U></B> sound module (got it at the Guitar Center
Labor Day sale for $99!)
<BR><B><U>Carvin Quad-X</U></B> pre-amp (9 tubes; 4 channels; 2 stereo
fx loops which can be operated by the excellent foot switch; 4 channel
inserts a great sounding unit which I recommend)
<BR><B><U>Yamaha QY-10 </U></B>(compact sequencer/sound module thingy)
<BR><B><U>DBX-163x </U></B>mono compressor
<BR><B><U>Peavey Classic 50/50 </U></B>all tube stereo power amp 50 watts
per side into
<BR>2 <B><U>Peavey Classic 112 </U></B>speaker cabinets (12 inch speakers
in sealed cabinets)

<P>I am spending way too much time reading manuals trying figure the midi
guitar stuff
<BR>and the plex...don't know squat about using mixers but understand from
reading posts here that they are a real boon...and I am just too fatigued
to try and figure how best to
<BR>implement all this stuff. All replies will be greatly 
in advance.
<BR>Reply to the list (I'm sure there must be others who would benefit
from the wisdom of
<BR>you technically minded loopfolke) or to me at roland@ccnet.com