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Re: Unidentified subject!

Mario De Bock wrote:
> I got the following address : http://www.netbutler.com/boomerang
> It would be nice to have some feedback from guitar players who are using
> the 'Boomerang'.
> >From the description on the web page it looks very nice!
> Mario.

  I use the 'Rang and love it, but here are some other folks who use the
Boomerang Phrase Sampler:
Victor Wooten - bassist extraordinaire; plays with Bela Fleck & the
Flecktones and solo
Jake E. Lee - rock guitarist; played with Ozzie Osborne; now solo
Howard Leese (sp) - guitarist for Hart
Vernon Reid - rock/pop guitarist; played with In Living Color; now solo
Matthew Sweet - rock guitarist/singer
Trey Gunn - plays Warr guitar with King Crimson
Henry Kaiser - west coast avant-garde guitarist
Axl Rose - singer for Guns and Roses
Christian Rover - German jazz/fusion guitarist
Bill Forth - heavy, avant-garde guitarist; released a CD on Robert
Frippās label
Matthew Henderson - avant-garde guitarist; the lead singer in his band
is Mary Pastorius, Jaco's daughter
Jerry McPherson - plays with Amy Grant and is Nashville session player
William Owsley - plays with Shania Twain
Steve Bargonetti - versatile New York player who composes for TV and
Rick Brannon - has 3 or 4 CDās out as Rick Brannon & Electric Detective
- Hollywood hotshot
Michael Scott - guitar player for TAFKA Prince; has recorded with Janet
Jackson, Gladys Knight, Rod Stewart, & Lionel Richie
Rob Wasserman - highly respected bass player, currently touring with
with Bob Weir (June 97) 
Daniel Lanois - guitarist, composer, producer - created the soundtrack
for the movie Sling Blade

Motley a.k.a. Mike Nelson, co-owner Boomerang Musical Products