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Re: Let The Power Fall - EMS

Just so we all know, a friend of mine has a bootleg video of PF doing
SSOSFAGTIACAGWAP live.  Yes it's all vocals.  There may be some synth
stuff, but if so it's very discrete stuff in the background.  I haven't
seen the video in years, but from what I remember it's pretty minimal on
electronics/effects/processing.  Just goes to show that we don't always
need fancy gizmos to get really far out. :)  Of course, whether it's
reproduced exactly the same live as it is on Ummagumma, I can't say. 
All I know is that it was really amazing to see. :)


PainPete@aol.com wrote:
> Funny, I always thought SSOSFAGTIACAGWAP was largely sped-up spliced tape
> loops of Roger Waters acting like small jungle mammals. Could we both be
> right perhaps?
>>>>>> others' speculations cut for space <<<<<<<<<<