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Re: Midi looping

> >Do you think this would be useful to actually create, manipulate, and
> >generally perform looping in a live context? 
..........in a comatheatre concert ("The Lorca Project") presented this
weekend in Dallas, I'll be using a boomerang and jambooty to capture bits
of live and recorded music (including prerecorded looped material), sound 
effects, live and recorded wordplay, etc. coming at me from 3 
sources.  My personal station also includes DAT tapes, CDs and processed 
acoustic sources (talking drum, occarina, melodica, etc.)...all of which 
be looped for beds or lingering melodies.

This complex sound environment supports dance, video and 
involving the loopers is planned...my success will be based on experience 
reflexes that, with luck, will result in split-second timing that will 
like a tightly controled performance.

That attitude spreads to the rest of the performance.  We have rehearsed 
events that will become tools, like the loopers, to be added and 
manipulated as
the "need" arises and, again, to the audience, place everything else 
or circumstantial) in meaningful relief.  Beyond that, an opening and 
give an exacting form to what is usually a totally free performance ethic.

Tools and toys...live or studio...fun fun fun.