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Echoplex upgrade update

Loop folk,
Being a 40yr old, near sighted, blue eyed, long haired, Capricorn ..., I 
wrote to Dean Fouts, Kevin Philbin, and Mike Lyon regarding the EDP 
software upgrade.  They did not reply, but Pat Murphy <pmurphy@gibson.com> 
did.  Here is what I heard back from Gibson about the Echoplex upgrade:

>From what I have heard, the cost will be $45 for the upgrade. I am not 
>how it will be handled. I have also heard that it will be a few more 
>before the upgrade is available in the real world.
>Pat Murphy

I will let you know when I hear more.  Many thanks to Kim, Matthias and 
clan for bringing this software upgrade (as well as the EDP itself) to