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Re: Midi looping

> I've read of techno bands who use computer sequencers on stage and vary
> their perfomances with these tools. It does take a lot of preparation and
> having Plan B available. Sounds like too much computing, planning and not
> enough playing for my taste. Which brings us full circle back to our
> friendly real-time loop devices :-)
I had a friend who did the techo thing.  He used the onboard sequencer
of his sampling keyboard.  He told me that many of his peers actually
prerecord sequenced parts into a DAT then play the DAT for their live

The group Cibo Matto has a song featuring flute leads.  I was amused to
see the keyboard player hold up one of those Walkmans with a speaker to
the microphone for the "flute solos".  Later in the show, she fired up
her old analog keyboard to play a "real" solo... but until they were joined
onstage by their guest drummer and bassist they too appeared to be using
a DAT player for the backup parts.

Supposedly, The Orb uses prerecorded DATs also but often feed the DATs
through effects andplay with mixer controls to add an improvisational