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Re: screaming guitar

                          I almost forgot, I also like to push the ebow 
really hard into the
strings over and around the pick-ups of my guitar.  It makes a wild
scream-like sound and by moving the ebow up and down near the pick-ups,
it's tunable as well.  I think it's quite amazing and can be extremely
frightening when used correctly...



At 02:45 PM 2/12/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>  theatrical appeal are those compressed air cans that you can readily 
>>  radio shack (and elsewhere) to blow the dust from sensitive electronic
>>  They usually come with a thin plastic tube that inserts into the
>>  handy for precise aiming at whatever portion of the strings you care to
>>  on. Somewhere around the 12th fret usually works better for me.
>>   >>
>> If you want the same effect, with a bit more theatrical appeal, you can
>use a
>> trick Gary Davis (of San Diego's Custom Floor) showed me.  Blow up a
>> colored balloon (the performance element), and use that for your
>> air exciter source.  Cheaper than compressed air too...
>> -Mike
>...not to mention a bit better for the ol' environs......
>though it is nice that most of that stuff is now CFC - free.