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Re: Gear plug: Tascam 564

>Back when my 4-track worked, I had good decent results on tape with
>bouncing to an external stereo mix, then back, which let me add 2 tracks
>to a stereo mix every 2 tape bounces.  I did two recordings with
>10 tracks (and many with 8) this way; I just had to be careful to make
>sure that the first parts recorded don't care about high-end loss or are
>relatively down in the mix (and you have to get pretty good about
>anticipating the entire mix during bouncedown, which is an otherwise
>worthless skill).  These days, using a DAT would halve the number
>of tape generations.
>Stereo "bounce ahead" would work pretty well for this, but I don't
>suppose that's a feature on the minidisc multitracks?

What do you mean by "stereo bounce ahead"?  You can bounce forward to two 
tracks, treating it just like a stereo mix to tape.