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Re: live loopage for the sake of art with the Stick(R)

Alright! Someone in here from SA. I'm there dude! And a Chapman. I always
wanted to see one. Very lookin' forward!

At 12:38 AM 7/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
>hi folks,
>looping live with the Chapman Stick(R) on Sat july 26 at the Wong Spot, 
>1203  East Commerce St., San Antonio ,TX ..but the main feature is an art
>exhibit featuring 13 artists from Latin America, Mexico, US,,,maybe some
>other countries too. i'll be providing the musical backdrop from 6-8pm. 
>can reach the Wong Spot at 210-506-1710 for further details...these are 
>fine artists, displaying very fine works,,,
>have'nt done very many SOLO looping/soundexpressions performances,,,so i
>hope to have a lot of fun,,,anyone this far south,,,please e-mail me or 
>by if you like the painted picture...........of sound....of sound....of 
>james rhodes