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RE: multi-loop playback

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        From:   Nameless to the Goddess [SMTP:afn39111@afn.org]
        Sent:   Tuesday, July 22, 1997 7:19 PM
        Subject:        multi-loop playback

        My first question is, is there a looper that can output more
than one loop
        at a time?  It seems sort of limiting to have only one loop,
when two
        different length loops would sound so much more interesting.  It
seems sort
        of expensive to buy two devices.

        Jus wondering.

        Dear Jus Wondering --
        Remember, if you start with a 4-bar phrase, 
                you can OVERDUB two 2-bar phrases
                        then you can MULTIPLY all of this to create a
16-bar loop
                                and then OVERDUB another two 8-bar
                                        and then MULTIPLY all this by 2
(to have a 32-bar loop)
                                                and then OVERDUB a
16-bar phrase (starting at the 8th-bar if you want...)

                The "length" of the loop is mostly "felt" if the music
points it out.