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Re: So Long Loopers

  I haven't been on very long, it's been nice, see you later...



At 03:05 PM 2/19/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Hey Y'all-
>It appears my tenure with the Oberheim division has come to an end. I will
>be leaving the division effective noon Friday. Just wanted to give my
>sincere thanks to everyone on the list that I have met and communicated
>with, as well as those patient lurkers who put up with my feeble attempts
>at humor. It's been fun,and I am glad to have met all of you...we may meet
>again someday, you never can tell.
>Tom "Where you goin' with that UB40 in your hand" Spaulding
>p.s. Kim, please Unscribe ;)