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Re: bending necks

          Very cute msg!  ha ha ha ...



At 09:51 PM 2/20/98 -0800, you wrote:
>At 12:02 AM 2/21/98 EST, Marzzz@aol.com wrote:
>>In a message dated 2/19/98 11:18:55 AM, Jonathon wrote:
>>>I just realized that this must be absolutely the only list where
>>>one can find people debating the merits of bending a Steinberger
>>>or Klein neck.  Not that I've any idea of the significance of such
>>>Personally, I would never bend the neck on my Klein.  It's got no
>>>truss rod and just a few screws keeping it in place.
>>Not to mention that this list seems to be the single greatest 
>aggregation of
>>Klein Electric Guitar owners in the universe! What is it with Kleins and
>>Looping anyway? Is it all DT's fault? 
>nah, probably has a lot more to do with musicians who aren't too tied down
>by traditions and willing to try new things. Seems that with Kleins the
>funny look of it scares a lot of folks off. ("ah, wat da hell is that 
>ma? Don' look nuttin' lahk my tele.")  If you can get past that and 
>play one, it takes about 3 seconds to decide you need to own one....In 
>I don't even think the decision is conscious. Your body gets so happy that
>it can finally play an instrument that isn't causing injuries that it just
>orders it for you. I'm still not sure what happened. The guitar was in my
>hands, I played a minor9 chord, my mouth said something like "gotta have
>it," Lorenzo held up an order form and a pen, my hands grabbed it and 
>it out. I was merely a witness, with no control over my limbs. I was then
>filled with an overwhelming feeling, no an order really, that I must come 
>with several thousand dollars. It was somehow implicit that resisting that
>order would have very grave consequences....very weird actually....
>>Has anyone tried jacking up their car with their Steinberger GL?
>No, but old peavey amp heads make good jack stands. Better than cinder
>blocks! Real cinder blocks get better tone, though.
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