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Re: Ambient?

On Mon, 28 Jul 1997, Ian///Shakespace wrote:

> >...digital delay...
> >machines), you're not going to be able to do a whole lot in the way of
> >rhythmically precise, real-time-editable, syncable work.
> hmm.. my main studio loopers for electronic stuff are a boss DD-3 pedal 
> a Digitech 4-second "time machine". and with the use of a constant beat,
> i've found it quite easy not only to lock up the delays to the tempo of a
> given track, but utilising fx sends and levels and quick cuts, to build
> intense rhythmic loops within the delay.

I didn't mean to suggest that you can't make rhythmic loops with a delay
or tape loop (though I can see where that might have been the
implication).  What I mean is that once you set up the basic loop length
in a classical system, you're basically trapped within that.  Your loop is
going to remain within the length of your delay time or tape loop, which
is a fairly insular world insofar as trying to sync up to an external
rhythmic source.  Even if you dial up a delay time that matches a
sequencer or drum machine, if you repeat it for very long you're almost
certainly going to experience drift over time unless it's MIDI-locked. 
And forget about changing the length of the loop after it's been
extablished, copying/editing the length and content, etc.  That's
basically what I was referring to.  Excellent points, though.