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Re: Ambient?

>I didn't mean to suggest that you can't make rhythmic loops with a delay
>or tape loop (though I can see where that might have been the
>implication).  What I mean is that once you set up the basic loop length
>in a classical system, you're basically trapped within that.

okay sorry i see what you mean and yeah, thats the problem. ah well...

as for the thing with drift... if you're playing to a sequencer or drum
machine and you set your delay lengths with, for instance, a drum  track
and get your taps all hitting where you want them and dial it up just to
the flanging point on the drums, then as long as your guitar playing in
marginally precise the drift won't be noticable. i've done things like this
with a moog rogue on autotrigger and set the delay with that and ran guitar
througgh and for 45 minutes you'de never have known there wasn't sopme
kinda magical sync track...

of course if you gotta rely on human persussive sources, wel your guess is
as good as mine... russian dragon perhaps?