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Re[2]: Vocoder Recordings -Zepplin?

     There are samples of the PAIA vocoder at 
     I recently assembled the kit but I did not tested it extensively; the 
     first and only time I put it to work I got a lot of RF interference 
     (real plague in S.Paulo). Please inform your results with the unit.

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Assunto: Re: Vocoder Recordings -Zepplin?
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There's a mometary use of an effect on Robert Plant's voice on the song 
Quarter" from the "Houses of the Holy" album, at the end of the line "The 
Winds of Thor are Blowing Cold" right where we says "Cold". Sound like a 
vocoder with delay. I've never been sure. 
Comparisons to Spinal Tap aside, what do the rest of you think? Is this a 
vocoder or something else? (I remain undecided myself). 
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 >Can anyone recommend some popular recordings that feature a vocoder?
 It's all over Mike Oldfield's "QE2" album, and Laurie Anderson's "Big 
 Science".  But of course, you should have these albums anyway...  :)
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