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Re: Birds in our trees

  Great msg, I was attending a Music Craft seminar a while back and while
we were playing some music, I and a few others of us heard a few crickets
who were quite definately chirping in time with us!  Go figure...

smiles and chirps,


At 12:30 PM 3/28/98 -0600, you wrote:
>I woke up this scintillatin' morning out of terms with my stomach and
>cranium, due to the once happy embrace of last night's shindig.  I grabbed
>a grapefruit and went out to our back patio which overlooks trees, and
>terraces leading down to a creek (amusingly we own the river bed).  
>I sat, started eating and then I noticed the birds were looping.  There
>were about four of them doing it.  One bird had a particular blu blu blu
>and then there would be a quarter note rest, then other birds came in for
>an answering measure, sometimes two.  Then some birds would just come in 
>top of the first, but the basic rhythm was maintained. It was strikingly
>like a dance and it sounded fantastic(;  
>By course, I thought I'd better tape this, so I finished my grapefruit, 
>inside, got my portable tape recorder, and went ran back outside.  They 
>stopped. ): On the other side of our property the neighbors had once again
>started arguing in loud voices.  This noise I also contemplated taping, 
>I don't think they'd be too happy to see me.
>Really it was all about the birds.  Has anyone else had this experience to
>such a degree where the birds were interacting in this way?  I mean these
>birds actually had it down.  I was almost convinced that Dead Can Dance or
>Loop Guru was around. (; 
>Do birds loop without knowing? Can it be said a human loops as a human's
>heart beats?  Or is the heart, moreover, really the mind interpretating
>what we desire to hear, the heart just being a direct symbol of pulsing
>life?  How does one relate to these physiological/mental needs?  I can see
>I'm going to have to get books on bird social structures. (; 
>One last question or two, does anybody here know of someone who has done
>something completely with birds, animals, samples environmental that was
>percussive as these birds were, and last has here anybody used bird calls
>and why?  Was it for a particualar mood, for example. 
>kick some skillet
>  says I makin eggs & 'jacks
>     (grapefruit weren't enough (; )