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Re: Victor Wooten loops

  Hey there, Figures, I work at a music store and never know who's in the
area until they've already played...  Can ya tell me more about the shows
by e-mailing me personally?  Have a wonderful day...



At 03:39 PM 3/29/98 -0800, you wrote:
>I just saw Victor Wooten (bassist with Bela Fleck and Flecktones)
>playing solo at a record store in Boulder. He mentioned that he does
>loops now.  I asked what he used and he said he has a Jamman and an
>Echoplex DP.  I mentioned this mailing list and he asked that I let
>the Gibson and Lexicon folks here know that he uses their loopers. 
>Today he played solo with no loop machine.  Tomorrow, he will play at
>the Fox Theater in Boulder using loops, and a drummer.  I recorded his
>solo playing today, and plan to record the duo at the Fox tomorrow.
>Victor was very friendly, and upbeat, encouraging the small crowd to
>ask questions.  His playing today involved playing bass lines, topped
>with fretted melodies or chords, both played with either harmonics or
>finger tapping using his right hand.  Often the bass lines were done
>with hammering on, so his right hand was free to play the melody or
>chords.  Touches of percussive popping were interspersed as well.  
>Victor spoke about technique vs. musicality, stressing the importance
>of listening, while playing, rather than playing using certain
>technique "just because you can".
>He said that this listening applies both in groups and when playing
>solo, to listen to himself as the music is created.
>Victor said that music is like cake.  The icing is nice, when thinly
>put on top, but by itself it gets old fast.  The cake underneath is
>the substance of the music, and can be enjoyed with or without the
>icing.  The playing can be simple, and still have musical value that
>endures the test of time.  The fanciest technique, without underlying
>substance, grows tiresome quickly.   
>While playing he obviously took chances, occasionally making a mistake
>at the extremes, then recovering with grace and sometimes humor.  He
>made his basses sing.
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