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Had a real enjoyable time at TAGfest (Trenton Avant Garde Festival), both 
a performer (in the duo "Invasion of Time" w/fellow Stick player/Loopist 
Speer) and listener.  A couple of observations:
        1) Not one of the 5 (there may have been others that I missed in my
wanderings) other musicians utilizing a looping device had heard of 
Delight" or the mail list-a situation I corrected which should result in 
more "signers on". 
        2) Of the 5 other loopers there, one (synthesist Mike Hopkins) was 
using a
Mac 6400 running MOTU's Digital Performer to control sequences and loops.
 The others ("Ram Umbus"'s tuba player/vocalist and their guitarist,
"N.C.17"'s guitarist and one other bands'-name forgotten- guitarist) all
utilized the Diditech PDS 8000 pedal.  Experimental guitarist Edward Chang
(who w/partner Mokoto Shimizu make up "N.C.17") ran his PDS 8000 into a
DODfx94 then into a Boss reverb/delay (2 sec.) pedal.  Results?  Real nice,
both from a sonic standpoint as well as from an educational standpoint.  I
recently purchased a used PDS8000, mainly for nostalgic reasons-I got rid 
mine in the upgrade (Jman) trail, and am inspired to try new things with 
supposed "old technology".  
        For the record Jim and I both used Jammen (I also used a 
DigiRDS8000) for
our loopage.  - Paul