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Re: Digitech PDS-???? pedals for looping

>While I am tempted to shell out the big-$$ on an echoplex or jamman, and
>given the relative scarcity of both, and also given my neophyte status, I
>am wondering whether a Digitech PDS pedal or something similar might
>suffice for the moment. I understand these pedals to have the capability 
>sampling and holding and they can have up to 8 seconds delay - that would
>be plenty for me at the moment. Do these pedals have any other 
>that are useful ? Which is the most ideal for the purposes of looping ?

I've got one of the 8-second pedals, and it's great.  You can find them 
used, if you're patient, for under $150.  A great starting place for 
looping.  All the features of the JamMan and Echoplex are wonderful (I've 
got an echoplex and an assortment of other long delay lines), but you can 
easily get into serious looping without shelling out the big bucks.

Travis Hartnett