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Re: Echoplexs have been found, thanks

At 9:42 AM +0000 9/10/97, Phil Diem wrote:
>Hi Paul, welcome to the list!
>Would you mind elaborating a little bit more on the results of your
>search for Echoplexs - where you found them, cost? There seem to be a few
>people on the list who are also searching for plexs (and jammen, vortexs,
>ect.) and for a variety of reasons, these units are difficult to come by.

One idea is to simply call Oberheim and ask where you can find a dealer
with stock. 510-635-9633. They haven't been producing them fast enough to
meet demand, so there seems to be varying amounts of backorders at any
given dealer. They might be able to help you find a dealer who will be
getting them sooner than later, or already has them. The other reason this
is a good idea is it keeps Gibson motivated to keep making them.


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