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How I got mine.

Hello friends,

Bought Echoplex digital pro by setting http://www.dejanews.com as my start
page. Every morning I typed in Echoplex in the search box. Finally found
someone wanting to sell. By the time I had emailed interest, he had 3
people in front of me. I offered to Airborne a money order overnight w/ a
return label if he would box it up. Called airborne and they agreed for the
guy to wait for package opening and labeling (one stop-all at my expense
$34 +- shipping). Paid $400 for the Digital Pro w/ footpedal and 50 sec of
loop time.  Bought a Vortex the same way. Paid $225 + the $35.  I know
thats a lot, but after playing with it, I ran across a couple at a used
gear shop. Bought them for $135 each. Took one to my girlfriends house. The
other two I plan to hook up to an old 4 channel stereo and see if I can
freak myself out.