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Re: Anyone have an Oberheim Echoplex for Sale?

Greeting Loopersons,

I must be a little slow on the uptake here or something. A few days ago an
SOS for EDP purchase assistance was put on the list by a fellow named Paul

Paul is a former analog tape looper of some renown. I, in fact saw him
perform years ago in an art museum performance in Southern California that
was absolutely stunning! That performance (and the few of his recordings 
been able to find) have been a great insiration to me ever since.

As I remember (at that particular time) he was using a multitrack
reel-to-reel system (not altogether unlike Fripp's) but with some 
features including  of a bank of footpedals to operate volume faders for 
track. But, more impressive than the rig was the music itself. It would be 
injustice for me to even begin to describe so...I won't.

You owe it to youselves to check this guy out. He's got a disc or two out 
on the New Albion label and a few others elsewhere I believe. He's a 
who has pretty thouroughly plummed the depths of looping as a musical 
and now he's joining the ranks of us digital loopers...hmmmm interesting


Ted Killian