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Re: Another one...

Arif writes:

>The LXP-1 is just reverbs, the LXP-5 is multi-effects (it also has
>reverbs). Also check out the LXP-15, which is both units combined.
>The LXP-15 II upgrade is supposed to be better than the original.

This is essentially correct, though the LXP-1 features reverbs, chorus,
delays (about 1.5 sec, as I recall) and the LXP-5 has pitch shifting,
chorsus, delays, and other effectoid type things along with some reverb,
and the most unfriendly interface Lex ever created (IMO). The LXP-15 had
all of the nearly all the algorithms from the 1 & 5 (sans inverse verb) and
a really intuitive interface (IMO). And the version 2 software was a
*major* improvement, in a whole lot of areas, mostly program loading, and

Oh yeah, Hi Arif! Long time no chat...

Jon Durant