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Re: Digitech PDS-???? pedals for looping

In a message dated 9/11/97 3:39:30 AM, you wrote:

am wondering whether a Digitech PDS pedal or something similar might
suffice for the moment. I understand these pedals to have the capability of
sampling and holding and they can have up to 8 seconds delay - that would
be plenty for me at the moment. Do these pedals have any other capabilities
that are useful ? Which is the most ideal for the purposes of looping ?>>

        The Digitech PDS series of pedals (1sec, 2sec, 4sec, and 8sec) and 
equivalent rack mount versions (RDS series) all have the capability to
loop-that is, they are digital delay/echoe units that have a "hold" 
Should mention that while Digitech is not making these "loopers" any more
(although their 2101 Preamp/processor does have a 5sec delay/loop module),
DOD does make a 4sec. (dfx94) "looping" pedal.  For the price they can't be
beat and are a good place to start in "getting your feet wet".  One of the
things that you CAN'T do with them that you can do with a Jamman (I don't
know anything about the Echoplex or Boomerang) include accurately defining
(via "tap tempo" or midi sync.) your loop length.  This may not be a big 
if you're going to do your looping in a solo/improv. context where you're 
worried about syncing to a pre-defined rythm.-in effect "you play to the
machine".  Another possible drawback is that they are constantly in fade
mode, even w/"feedback" set at max., so if you're doing a multi layered 
the stuff you added on your previous passes is fading as the new stuff gets
layered (the "hold" function stops this and freezes the loop). Again, if
you're aim is to work with constantly changing loops/textures this may not 
a disadvantage.  One of the things you CAN do with these Digitech Loopers,
that you can't with the Jamman (again, I'm only comparing Digi. to Jman
'cause that's what I use and know nothing about Plex/Rangs) is change the
pitch of the loop by tweaking the delay time knob either as you're adding
stuff to the loop or after it's "held" - yields some wild "synth" sounds
especially when fed. back into another looper (ie: Jman/Vortex).  Now, if 
decide to pick up one of these little buggers don't make the mistake of
getting  rid of it in the "upgrade trail", if/when you decide to get a
Jman/Plex/Rang.,- there's no such thing as having to many loopers.  I 
mention, as in my previous post, that at "The Trenton Avant Garde Festival"
fellow Stickist/Loopist Jim Speer and I (performing as "Invasion of Time")
were the only ones using "sophisticated loopers" (2 Jammen in addition to 
8000 and Vortex), the other 5 loopers were all doing some mighty fine 
using the Digi'PDS8000 and the DODdfx94. Just goes to prove it's not the
tools but what you do with them that matters. Have fun.-Paul