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        Just an amusing side note.  On Thursday, when I answered your
questionnaire, I said I had one on order as my answer to "would you buy one
tomorrow".  Well, Friday I got a call from Mr. Music and lo, it was in.  So
I did buy one tomorrow.  Now all I need to do is upgrade the memory.

Frank Gerace

At 01:42 PM 9/12/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Just to let readers know, I've received about 30ish responses to my
>off-the-cuff questions.  I plan to data into a spread sheet and see what
>story emerges.  I'll see about getting the raw data out to the list
>(minus the names of respondents), so everyone can have a crack at
>interpretation.  I'm shooting for Monday.
>I will also try to get the results into the hands of folks in Marketing
>at Gibson. After we've all had a chance to chew on things a bit...
>So, if you haven't already sent in your responses.   I'll keep the door
>open until 4:00pm this afternoon.
>Thanks to all of you 
>- JamMen, DigiFolk, EvenTiders, Votexians, and Oberpeople.
>David Kirkdorffer
>Q1     Have you ever seen an Echoplex DP?      yes     no
>Q2     Have you ever tried an Echoplex DP?     yes     no
>Q2a.   Would you like to try an Echoplex DP?   yes     no
>Q3.    Have you tried to find / looked for an Echoplex DP?     yes
>Q4.    Do you currently own an Echoplex DP?    yes     no
>Q4a.   How many?
>Q5     Do you currently own other LOOPing tools?       yes     no
>Q5a.     Please list the other Loopers you own 
>       Looper                  Quantity
>       Jam Man                 
>       Boomerrang
>       other? (list them!)
>Q6.    Do you want to buy an Echoplex DP?      yes     no
>Q7.    If one were available locally to you, would you buy an Echoplex
>DP tomorrow?   yes     no
>       (Assume retail price w/footpedal approximately = US$700  +/-
>Q8;    Why do you want to buy an Echoplex DP?
>Q9.    What City, State, and Country are you in?
>Again, please send your replies ASAP to:  dkirkdorffer@exapps.com