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Re: Echoplex DP Overdub Problem

re Arthur's broken overdub problem:

My first thought was that you had it in delay mode without realizing, but
since you reset the parameters to default, that's not it. 

You could tell if it is a problem with the footswitch or a front panel
button by the LED's on the front panel. If the Overdub LED is red all the
time, than overdub is indeed stuck on and one of the switches is a likely
culprit. Probably you would have trouble with other switches if that were
the case.

If the Overdub LED is not red, then you have a different problem. In that
case I would suspect that the VCA part has gone bad somehow. That's a 
one actually because the manufacturer of that part recently shipped a whole
bunch of faulty components to Oberheim, partly resulting in the most recent
production delays. The bad ones were carefully weeded out, so it shouldn't
be a problem, but it is possible that a part could be close to the edge and
get worse as it ages. It is also possible that corrosion in the socket for
the VCA could cause this problem, but it's doubtful in a unit only 3 months
old. (I saw that once in a unit that had been in a smoker-inhabited studio
for a couple of years)

You asked about Wizard electronics...they do contract repair work for many
companies in the music industry. I think Oberheim has recently started 
them as well. So far as I know they are a competent shop, but I've never
dealt with them before. If you send your unit there, point them toward the
VCA or the switches.

And Rik, welcome to Looper's Delight!


At 01:44 PM 9/15/97 -0700, Rik Elswit wrote:
>"My echoplex digital pro seems to be stuck in overdub mode -
>has anyone else seen this problem? The echoplex (about 3 months old)
>worked fine until a few days ago."
>Do the functions work properly when you use the panel buttons rather than
>the footpedal.  If so, the problem is in your pedal.   I sent my echoplex
>back to the factory because it was having similar problems.  Their 
>was to hold onto it for three weeks and then send it back when I screamed
>loud enough.  It was still screwed up, but using a friend's pedal shoed me
>that it was a pedal problem.  
>Rik Elswit
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