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Oberheim is moving

Paul Drescher posted this to LD:

>I just spoke with Pat Murphy at Oberheim/Gibson Customer Support in
>Nashville.  Upgrade PROMs appear to be in transit in the move from Oakland
>back to Nashville.  He thought about a week or so.....

I also just talked to Pat at Oberheim and he gave me more info. Oberheim is
closing the Oakland, CA facility and moving everything back to Nashville,
which he said should result in better service etc, after a little down time
to set everything back up. He said part of the problem with service and
info about Plexes in the past was because of lack of or mis-communication
between Customer Service in Nashville and the plant in Oakland, CA so with
everything under one roof maybe the right hand will now know what the left
hand is doing. As someone who has had a Plex on order since April 1st (Am I
a fool or what? ;-) he asked me to please be patient. I guess all of this
sounds like good news but we'll have to see how it shakes out. Also he said
Dean Fouts is working full time for Slingerland Drums, so he is no longer
at Obie Customer Service. I guess the contact person is Pat now.
<pmurphy@gibson.com> .

Later   Ed