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Re: music

> So how about this, what music are you all listening to these days? Which
> artists are inspiring you for looping or otherwise? If I go to the record
> store on Saturday, what should I get?

Besides the occasional Eno or Fripp nothing loop related here:)
> Here's another one we haven't delved into for a long time: What is it 
> looping that makes it interesting, fun, musical?  Why do we want to do 
> Why does it show up in so many types of music? Is it something in human
> nature, learned from culture, what?

Why do I do it. Because it's just so damn addictive. It's one of the few
musical activities that I can do for hours on end. One thing I like is how
I can make a big sound by my lonesome, spontaneosly<sp>, no need to fire
up my computer, sequencer, sundries( unless I want to). I like how I never
repeat myself, every loop session is unique. I find listening to loop
based music almost instinctive, it hits me deep in my brain, not my hips
or gut. I dunno, I just like it.

steve d           

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