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Re: music

>So how about this, what music are you all listening to these days? Which
>artists are inspiring you for looping or otherwise? If I go to the record
>store on Saturday, what should I get?

Sorry, I'm listening to Wes Montgomery right now.... great music, not too
much looping!

>Here's another one we haven't delved into for a long time: What is it 
>looping that makes it interesting, fun, musical? 

It's the most fun you can have on your own!

>Also, it's getting darned embarrassing that the Loop Artists section of 
>web site has 0 on it. Which artists belong there? And even more important,
>does anyone want to volunteer to do anything about that?

I think I offered this one a little while ago...
I suggested to Kim that at least what was required were links to webpages
supporting loop artists - ie links to Ton's page, Elephant Talk, etc etc.
If we collect these together I'll HTMLise them.

Send them to me with the heading FOR LOOP PAGE or somethin else in CAPITALS
so I can see 'em better.