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Old loopers never die, they just...(Re:music)


I may be banished for admitting this, but I haven't looped in a while.
I just got bored with the "sampleness" of it all.  Now, I prefer long
delays, which technically speaking aren't really loops and synth
drones that aren't going thru envelope generators.  Droner's Delight?
Hypnotic repetition is a bit more interesting when once in a few bars,
a kink appears in the sound.  This is perhaps what made tape echoes
more interesting than digital delays.

I understand that an infinite repeat switch is crucial in guitar based
loop music, unless your instrument sustains forever, but I think that
in order to make synth based looping more appealing, one must
throw in a random element once in a while.   


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"Echo is instant nostalgia."