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Re:Music Discussion Questions

  I'm not much into the repetitive loop stuff that I've been hearing alot
  on the radio these days, usually classified as "noise" by the DJ's, but
  some of the artists who I think are really telling stories in the "loop
  domain" are

  anything by Stock,Hausen and Walkman

  Beeboobee (Japanese DJ, cassette only release, mixes Japanese pop, porno,
  news, soap opera, noise loops together)

  DJ Hellshit and MC Carhouse (Otomo Yoshihide and Yamantaka Eye live duos)

  any Squarepusher

  Alec Empire, "The Destroyer" - esp. track 9, "The Peak" is total loop/DnB
  mania done4 in turbo-metal mode.  I saw him live last month and he DJ'd
  his own records on 2 turntables with various loop devices - I'd rarely
  heard of using your own catalog as live materials, at first I thought it
  was a rip-off, but then I appreciated the improvisational element that
  approach added.

  Why loop?
  The root reason is because unique rhythmic textures can be readily
  created in a short amount of time.  Also when I'm creating loops, it
  feels similar to mixing chemicals to create an unusual mixture, or
  painting over and over different parts of a canvas.

  ed chang