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Re: seasons & music

> David Kirkdorffer wrote:
> >With the change in seasons, it occurs I wonder if anyone noticed in
> >their music a kind of "seasonal-effect?"
> Erik Ljones <eriklj@stud.ntnu.no> responded:
> Here in Norway, up above the arctic circle, the contrast between the
> seasons is quite big. As the days get colder and darker, I in general
> a need to disconnect from the world.

It would of course be more dramatic, the more contrast exists between
seasons, that makes sense, since we have brains that depend a good deal
upon contrast for evaluation purposes.

I presently am working on a second year's worth of loops for my Book Of
Days series (which has a different loop for each of 366 days), with an
effort to produce one for each day - which, predictably, will have a
seasonal feel to it no doubt.  At some point in the future I plan on being
more specific as per music for 'traditional' day commemoration.

To return to the active topic, though, I find that, when I sit down for the
first time in the evening, after the long day, and start to warm up on the
loops, it can be an "I-Ching" kind of process.  Some loops, as a result,
can be rather awful-sounding (and I keep some of those too!).

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